Why I Love my Apple MacBook but Cannot Live Without Windows

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Why I love my Macbook…

It’s virus and malware resistant

I’ve had my MacBook since August 2008, and to this day I haven’t had any virus or malware issues with it. I’m not here to kiss Apple’s ass, but in my opinion the resistance that OSX has to viruses and other malware has been a great relief and it has made my purchase well worth the price. Before I had my Mac, I had plenty of headaches with my Windows desktop, and since 2008 I’ve had to restore it at least twice because of malware. I don’t have a virus scanner installed on my MacBook and it never crossed my mind to buy one. If we think about it, a yearly subscription for a virus scanner costs around $40. $160 saved from anti-virus software may not be enough for you to justify paying the cost of a MacBook, but how about all the extra hours and headaches you have to go through when you have to run the virus scanner?

It’s very easy to use and learn (plug-and-play, no drivers needed)

One of my favorite things about my MacBook is being able to plug in ANY device and have it work right away. Any cameras or printers I ever connected to my Mac have worked almost instantly. No need to waste time on installing drivers, restarting, and trying again. I really love this about Macs.

How about installing and uninstalling software? On windows you have to go through an uninstallation process, which sometimes takes longer than the installation. On the OSX you just drag the application to the trash and… *poof*…it’s uninstalled. No need to restart it either.

It has a friendly and intuitive interface and usability

Macs are pretty things to look at. It’s almost a truism that all apps that are available for Windows and OSX will look better on the OSX. There are also animations that make it fun to use. I love going to my “taskbar” and have it pop up as I hover my mouse over my favorite apps. And I love it how it disappears when I’m not hovering my mouse over it, although you can customize it to stay there at all times.

Which brings me to my other point, adjusting settings and customizing a Mac is so simple and intuitive that it will only take a new user less than a day to “get it”. Preferences and settings are only a click away and they’re categorized in a way that just makes sense.


Why I Can’t Live Without Windows

Most software is only available for Windows

Although software is becoming more readily available for OSX, it still doesn’t compare to Windows. During my college career, I had to use some business software that came with my textbooks, but were only available for Windows. I had to install Windows on my Macbook, which is another thing I absolutely love about my MacBook.

Without digressing to why I love my Macbook, most software, especially made by smaller developers, is still only available for Windows. Take Quicken for example. This personal finance management software is only made for Windows. Yes, there may be alternatives for OSX, but my research led me to really want to use Quicken. Not to forget, the software I need to run this website is mostly only available for Windows.

I’m also somewhat of a gaming geek. The only computer game I’ve ever played and will continue to play for as long as time allows is only available on Windows. Most game developers also develop games only for Windows. Yes, there are alternatives for OSX, but none are Tribes.

More literature present and free online help is much easier to find

Just to prove to you I’m not here to kiss Apple’s buttocks, I’ve had plenty of troubles with my MacBook. I had to change the battery twice, the charger twice, and the harddrive once. I’ve also had overheating problems, and other software related issues, such as using a USB drive to transfer files between my PC and Mac. What I’m saying is, the amount of time spent researching a topic for my MacBook is easily twice that of a Windows issue. And usually there is more than one way of fixing things for Windows, whereas for Macs there’s only one, or if you’re lucky, two approaches or solutions.

In the end…

Most of you are either a Mac or a PC person. I’m both, depending on what I’m doing or need to accomplish. This love-need relationship between Mac and PC has a simple fix. If you’re like me, you might have a MacBook for your on-the-road needs, and a Windows desktop PC for your gaming, etc. The best thing is being able to have both OSX and Windows running on my MacBook, a capability that most Windows laptops will not allow. And when the time comes and my MacBook goes to laptop heaven, I may just get another and make it in a 2-in-1 laptop.


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