The Superman of the iPhone case: TAKTIK, a Kickstarter Project

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Not only does it offer super durability and protection, this case looks SLEEK!

Talk about protection

The case comes with a Shockproof Suspension System, featuring a patent-pending 9mm Impact Truss silicone perimeter compressed between two durable Ballistik or anodized aluminum bezels. The front bezel includes a seal liner to protect from rain seeping into the case.

Also included with the case is a Gorilla Glass Lens Upgrade, the hardest, thinnest, and most durable glass that the iPhone uses for its display. The upgrade includes anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings, without loss of sensitivity or performance.

The GORE hydrophobic barrier protects the speaker and the microphone port so that your device can be protected even from the slightest spills or drops of liquid.

The headset port and the 30-pin connector are protected with gasket plugs that are guaranteed not to tear off after a few uses. The coolest feature of this case is the Silence Switch, which was inspired by gun switches, and allows easy access to the ringer switch.

A pledge of $75 or more gets you a Black or White TAKTIK case. $100 and you get the Gorilla Glass protection. $250 gives you the Mix ‘n Match Pack.

The case is expected to ship by mid-August, and the iPhone 5 before the December holidays.

Pledge your support and see more here.

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