Special – How to: Get good at Mid-Air Discing/Blue Plates in Tribes:Ascend

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Disclaimer: ***These are only suggestions and considerations that have worked for me. I’m not guaranteeing that you will hit every disc (I don’t), but you will become better than 90% of the players. It’s important to have a decent system, that can guarantee you at least 40 or so Frames Per Second (FPS). T:A is especially choppy at lower FPS, and that will affect your aim with most weapons.***

Step-by-Step suggestions available below.

General Guidelines:

  • Stick to a specific resolution, mouse sensitivity, and FOV. Do not change them every time you feel your aim is “off”
  • I recommend an FOV of 105 to 110.
  • Make the Spinfusor part of all your possible loadouts. The TITAN on the DMB can be used as a Spinfusor
  • Leading distance and the difficulty of a shot is highly dependent on these variables:
    •  Speed of target: The faster the target is moving, the further away you need to lead it
    •  Distance from target: The further away your target is, the further away you need to lead it
    •  Your speed relative to the target: The faster you move, the less leading required
    • Path of the target, generally speaking:
  • A vertical path of the target (ground to sky/sky to ground) is generally easier to lead.
  • A horizontal path (across the screen) is more difficult. A horizontal path towards you, should be easiest (just aim straight at target).
  • A diagonal path is even more difficult
    • Class of target:
      • Lights are more difficult to hit than mediums and heavies
      • Heavies are least difficult to hit of all armors and mid-airs tend to be more consistent on Heavies than Lights and Mediums
  • You will NOT hit EVERY target from EVERY angle, speed, distance, etc. Not going to happen without a hack. There are too many variables. Don’t sweat it or give up if you miss, just try again, you’re only human.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Choose a resolution and STICK to it. This is important because different resolutions distort the game and your perspective will change.

2A. Choose a mouse sensitivity that’s somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. You don’t want one that’s too fast because any twitch may and can throw off your aim, but you don’t want one too slow since you need to be able to react to quick position changes of the target, incoming cappers, etc.

2B. Stick to this sensitivity. The more you become acquianted to it, the more natural movement becomes. Over time, your body (wrist/arm) learns the movement for specific reactions and it becomes second nature. Most fighting situations require quick adjustment of the reticle in order to properly lead a target.

2C. Choose an FOV higher than 100. I recommend 105-110. A higher FOV will allow you to see “more” and as a result you won’t need to move your mouse as much when leading and aiming. If you have the default FOV (90), leading and aiming requires greater distances (from your target to your reticle), thus making the task more involved in terms of actual movement of the mouse. I’m not saying it can’t be done, of course it can, and there are some fantastic MAers that use 90 FOV, but if you’re a noob with the Spinfusor and just starting out, change it to anywhere between 105 and 110. I use 105.

NOTE: ***STEPS 1-2C need some tweaking to find your best fit. There’s no “right” way. It’s about what “feels” right to youand how you can best adjust to what you like. The most important thing is to STICK to it once you find out. Don’t change them too often.***

3. Make the Spinfusor part of all your loadouts that carry one (or similar): Pathfinder, Infiltrator, Soldier, Juggernaut, Doombringer (use Titan as a Spinfusor), and Brute.

4. Hit up target practice if you’re a beginner, to get the feel for leading. Practice a variety of distances from the moving target, starting very close. Empty the entire clip of a Spinfusor before moving to a greater distance. Practice all spinfusors, and practice different angles. Once you feel comfortable and you’re constantly hitting the dummy standing on the ground, begin flying up and move in the air and try MAing that way.

NOTE:***Step 4 is especially important every time you change your resolution, mouse sensitivity, or FOV in order to re-adjust.***

5A. Join pubs and use nothing but the Spinfusor (Titan for DMB). This doesn’t mean only try to hit enemies in the air. Leading with the Spinfusor starts from the ground up (no pun intended). Leading on the ground translates well to leading in the air, with air requiring a little more finesse, intuition, and accuracy since you can’t do any damage with a Spinfusor unless you have a direct hit.

5B. Once leading on the ground is consistent, begin attempting mid-air shots (I recommend you attempt mid-airs on Heavy armors first since they have a bigger hitbox, it’s generally much easier to Mid-Air them). At first, only attempt ones where the enemy is relatively close to you (dueling distance).

5C. Once you feel comfortable hitting ground shots and close Mid-Airs, go pub in Arena using nothing but the Spinfusor.This will be challenging because many players use Automatics in Arena and it gets frustrating, but keep at it. Arena is great for developing quick reaction Mid-Airs and overall leading since you’re in a constant state of dueling. HOWEVER, Arena is not good practice for chassing cappers and MAing at great distances and high speeds. See the next step.

5D. Once you hit constant MA’s in duels, you’re ready to start chasing cappers with the Spinfusor. This will take some time. It took me about 6 months after I became accustomed with the Spinfusor in T1 and T2 to get constant MAs on cappers. I’m just starting to get constant MAs/Blue Plates on cappers in pubs, but I’m a seasoned T1/T2 vet and I’ve been playing Tribes since 2001. I’ve only been playing T:A for 3 months (~155 hours of playing), so I’m still learning to lead cappers, especially at faster speeds. Other skills become involved in chasing with the Spinfusor (Speed, skiing, etc) so it’s definitely something that will not happen in a few days or weeks.

6. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! You’ll get frustrated many times, just stick to it. Don’t worry if you don’t hit every mid-air shot. No one does, if they do they’re most likely cheating so report them. Also I recomend watching some videos, it will help get an idea of leading. A word of advice, don’t rely to much on the videos you watch to try to duplicate them because they all differ in terms of resolution and FOV of the player.

7. Most importantly have fun in Tribes Ascend. At least once a week I find myself not using the Spinfusors for a whole day,and I just play a different class or loadout. I either get burned out or bored and it definitely helps taking a break,especially when I feel like my aim with the Spinfusor is “off” or highly inconsistent.

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