Mini-Review, Game: NCAA Football 13 for Xbox 360

| July 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

NCAA Football 13screenshot

The good:

Small though welcome improvements
Exciting head-to-head competition

The bad:

Locking away Heisman winners is underhanded
Poorly designed, unresponsive menus
Bland Dynasty mode
Host of problems in desperate need of fixing

The bottom line: NCAA Football 13 offers the same experience as every other version, along with a number of new problems.

Looking at the list of changes from one year to the next, NCAA Football 13 offers little new for those who have played a recent entry in the series. The small improvements are welcome for those who have put up with issues for years, but they don’t amount to much for casual participants, and many problems still remain. It’s a shame there are so few noteworthy changes, because the core gameplay is still well done. But recycling the same content isn’t enough to make this worth buying. NCAA Football 13 is another entry in a long-running franchise that desperately needs new ideas.

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