Wooden card-carrying iPhone case

| July 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

KillSpencer just debuted its latest iPhone case that doubles as a card holder, made almost entirely of exotic rosewood. It’s a beauty, to be sure.

The front and back are both attached using a removable adhesive, though there’s no side coverage for the iPhone. It doesn’t look as this case offers the most protection for your phone. But that’s not always what a case is about.

With the iPhone, you’re essentially walking around with the same exact phone as quite a few people. Most look at cases as a form of personal expression, with a little added protection as a bonus. The KillSpencer Precision Pocket case is a lot like that, though we kind of wish that the company had offered this as a front/back panel replacement kit rather than as a case.

Either way, the case holds up to three cards with a card lock and thumb slot to help you push a credit card or ID out with ease. It costs $89.00 and can be purchased here.


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