XBox’s Kinect PlayFit counts your calories on Kinect games

| July 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

Xbox Kinect users can now see how many calories they’re actually shedding as they jump, dance, and shake to their favorite games.

Available today as a free download for Xbox Live subscribers, Kinect PlayFit is a fitness dashboard that counts the calories you burn as you play certain Kinect games, including Dance Central 2, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, and even Kinect Star Wars.

You can also follow your calorie count over time to see how much you’re losing as you do the Zumba or swing that lightsaber.

You can even get credit depending on how many calories you lose. And if you’re not shy about sharing your stats, you can post your progress and see how you fare against other Xbox Live subscribers. Leaderboards rank your achievements against those of other users.

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